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Love tour options

Usually we advice to plan your love tour beforehand, because we have more time to make a carefull profile selection and determine matching interests with more ladies. But if you decide to make a love tour suddenly, we can find matching interests after your arrival to Nikolaev.


The most comfortable way for you is let us do all the organizations and preparations for your visit —
  1. Make hotel room reservation or rent apartaments for you, on your choice — http://rumbalovetour.com/accommodation-in-nikolayev/
  2. Choose you the most appropriate translator for you from our team — http://rumbalovetour.com/translation-services/
  3. Organize your transportation from airport to Nikolaev — http://rumbalovetour.com/transport-service/


When you are in Nikolaev you will have FIRST INTRODUCTION DATES with matching ladies and further dates with the ladies that you like.

Also you will receive MATCHMAKING SUPPORT:

  • Careful profile selection and finding matching interests with ladies;
  • Feedbacks from ladies after the FIRST INTRODUCTION DATE and further dates with the ladies that you like;
  • Access to our office at any convenient time for you — when you need to talk, use Internet and computer;
  • Help with navigation around Nikolaev, advices where to go and help with transportation around Nikolaev;
  • Incountry cell phone number with a phone to make you more convenient;
  • Useful advices and secrets about Ukrainian ladies and Ukrainian traditions.

We will also provide you with IN-COUNTRY CELL PHONE — which make your communication with your translator, agency  and ladies easier.

POST-TRIP SUPPORT – when you come back home, we stay in touch to give you advices and help you in communication with that special lady that you have met here!


What are compulsory components of you Rumba Love Tour to Nikolaev?  — Organization of FIRST INTRODUCTION DATES, MATCHMAKING SUPPORT and TRANSLATION SERVICES.
What are optional components of you Rumba Love Tour to Nikolaev? — Transport services, accomodation in Nikolaev (you can make it yourself if you wish).



You can choose a Tour that fits you the best from our variants — 


Love Tour Package «BASIC» for 7 days

Love Tour Package «FULL» for 7 days

Love Tour Package «WINNER» — for 7 days

Love Tour Option»MINI»


All the costs you can see here — http://rumbalovetour.com/love-tour-costs/



If you need any special option for your Love Tour, we can discuss it!