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NEW!!! Special romantic surprise for your lady!

You think it is difficult to surprise your lady? We have the solution!

1343501579_udivit-02We will create YOUR UNIQUE romantic surprise especially for your lady! It will be something STUNNING, ROMANTIC and WILL TOUCH HER HEART 100%!!!!!

No matter, if you are far away and want to surprise lady in your absence, or you need a surprise when you visit her.

What a SURPRISE is?

For examle, we can make a video congratulation for some special event — we will compose a script, and combine your video congratulation with special music, photos, effects and so on.

Or it can be a a congratulating billboard in the city where lady live — we will produce it and place on her was so she will see it.


Or it can be a quest or action surprise  — when she perform some instructions and find some gift in the end, or just take her to some special place where musicians play a special song…

We have hundreds of ideas! Or we can help you to bring your idea to life.

When you order Special romantic surprise for your lady, you will become a magician for your lady!

You can order surprise for your budget: 50$, 100$, 150$, 200$ — and we will propose you few variants, matching your lady’s likes and interests.

If you have your own idea — we will discuss budget to bring your idea to life!