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Rumba love stories

The most precious award for us is to see happy smiles of couples, whom we helped to find each other! Each story is unique and special…


Live your dream!


Julia and Mr. Bae from South Korea first met each other in Spring 2016. This meeting changed their lives because since that time their ways are indivisible.

There were not easy to communicate because of language difficulties, long distance and time difference. But when you have a dream you will find a way to make it true. Any difficulties are weaker than desire to understand each other and to be together, side by side.

Finally, in November 2016 he met her in the airport in Korea. They met to live as a family, support each other, care for each other and share everything. We wish this couple lots of happy moments in their long and sparkling family life!


Those, who dream and never give up always win the best prizes!




 Hand to hand, soul to soul — Yana and Ryu.

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Yana and Ryu met in August 2016 and from the first meeting it was clear that there is a special connection between them.

Eye contact, common interests, mutual sympathy… Yana say that Ryu is the most attentive and gentle man she has ever met. Ryu is fascinated by her beauty and soul.

This is a charming and lovely couple!







The new family started their happy way. Congratulations!


новый коллаж1

This story was written by life itself for those who do not believe that a woman with a small child

in her arms could find happiness . This story of faith in a better , positive thinking and true happiness .

When Vitalina became a client of the agency , I was first of all struck by her faith in a better,

the ability to see the good in every situation and not give up . Vita — light , and a good man ,

and fate gave her what she really deserves — a happy family life with the beloved and favorite little boy .

Vita and Jess passed the stage of relationships at a distance , waiting for documents and visa . All this time they were able to maintain a relationship and do not interrupt communication through video calls and correspondence, Jesse made several visits to Ukraine , and during that time , and Vita and her son felt it was their native people , their family !

In the history of the couple were the real trials and tribulations of the past , but together they were able to overcome all .


Love with no limits!

новый коллаж1

Erik from Denmark and Oksana from Nikolaev met in our agency  few years ago, and after three years of romantic relationships have legalized their union.


Now, they are husband and wife and are happy together! He looks at her with loving eyes, her eyes are shining with happiness.


This couple is full of care and tenderness toward each other so that  young couples should learn from them!




We wish them many years of happy married life!





Believe in your dream…


новый коллаж


The story of Olga and Garrett began like in a Hollywood movie about love! The first meeting in Nikolaev, travelling together, the distance in thousands kilometers, which does not become a barrier to their love…


In March 2016 Olga finally received a visa and went to his beloved in the USA, where they were married. This pair is an example of love at first sight, which bring them to the creation of a happy family.


They spend all their free time together, sharing a passion for sports and travel.








We wish this wonderful couple a lifetime story of love and a happy gleam in their eyes!






Happy like kids!



 Julia and Ted met in November, 2015 in Nikolaev during speed dating events. They are both parents, and both of them have 2 sons. When they are together, they are smiling, lughing, haveing so much fun like kids or teens.

This awersome couple made a great decicion — to create a family and celebrate their love!

We congratulate Julia and Ted and wish them so many years of happy life together!

They have so much fun and joy together)





































Happy together!




This story began long ago, in year 2012 , when Elena came to our agency . She almost did not believe in that she can be happy and find a loving man to create a family . But the universe had other plans about her!

Once we have registered Elena, she met Kevin . Kevin did not wait long , and soon asked the agency for contact details of Elena. Their dialogue began .
All this time, we were interested in how is their communication going with Kevin .

They have been waiting for Visa for  a very long time , but did not give up and believe in the best. Their patience and the faith has been rewarded!
Finally, in September 2015 Elena was in the United States with her loved one! On September 11, they got married .
Here is what Elena write  herself :
«I met with Kevin , 2012 in August of 25. We talked for three years and saw each other actually three times, when he flew to Ukraine in Odessa as well in Nikolaev and Kiev .He proposed to marry  in Odessa in January 2015.

Yes, it was delay of the visa , but we waited . We supported each other and were able to survive this time . Now I live in America — got married on  September 11, 2015 . Wedding will be next year if all is well . I flew to America on September 2 . All the family and friends of Kevin greeted me warmly and happily . «







We are very happy for this couple!  Example of Elena and Kevin — a hint to all the guys and ladies, you need to believe in their happiness , and do not give up !